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Sex Club Diaries Paperback

The Sex Club Diaries Paperback

Published by Firefly
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Every one of us knows a swinger. Yes, even you! You might not know who in your innocent-looking circle is into orgies, sex clubs or wife-swapping – but chances are that somebody is. Sexual freedom is making a comeback, and more people are going at it in your neighbourhood than you might think. Maybe even that unassuming couple next door.

And where do these secretive souls go to shamelessly, deliciously indulge themselves with like-minded couples and singles? Swinger clubs and sex parties, that’s where. If you live in a city of any size at all, then there’s a place where strangers get physical first and clink glasses later.

Curious? Then keep on reading.

In the only one of his books that is 100% true, James Grey shares his earliest experiences in liberated sex establishments around Europe. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in this hot, perfumed underworld, The Sex Club Diaries is your answer. Grey takes you to Amsterdam, Brighton and Budapest as he discovers ‘the scene’ for himself.

Be warned: this is honest non-fiction from a male perspective. This is less about describing vivid sex scenes and more about the mental journey that goes with each adventure. These are stories in which the author learns about himself, his partners and a different way of seeing sex. When things were hot as hell, he’ll shout it out loud. But if it wasn’t a turn-on, he won’t sugarcoat.

Sex ain’t all hearts and flowers, after all. Especially not in a swinger club…

978-1543057072 | September 26, 2020

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