James Grey

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The Pleasure Studio Paperback

The Pleasure Studio Paperback

Playtime has only just begun...
The Laura Series Book 3
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At the end of Playing Dirty (Book 2), Laura flees captivity by using her dominant, Alpha abductor's ego against him. Now she's sitting in a hotel room in Cleveland, a city in which she knows nobody. She's too terrified to leave the building: what if the maniac Tommy comes after her?

But Laura refuses to be a victim.
She's too smart to let a psychopathic criminal win. She will see justice done and move on with her life. Still, what will become of Tommy's sidekick Claire? And what of the other beautiful, deeply submissive volunteers with whom she shared Tommy's prison - will Laura going to the cops ruin their fun? And was it really Andre she saw that night her blindfold slipped aside?

There's another thing too. The woman so afraid of her body being revealed in public that she preferred to let herself be led into captivity has been left behind. This new Laura is
curious, open-minded and shedding prudishness with every day that goes by.

She's also got some
unfinished business she wants to settle. And with an imagination like hers - plus help from a few new friends - there's no end to the sexy and creative ways she can do so...

September 26, 2020

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