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Ravenous Desires paperbacks signed by James Grey

Ravenous Desires SIGNED Paperback

Ravenous Desires SIGNED Paperback
Published by Firefly


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James Grey's second anthology takes his writing to a whole new level of quality, sensuality, humour and authenticity. Largely non-fictional, Ravenous Desires is primarily a journey into the male romantic mind. And some will find it a surprising place.

A beautiful young Polish girl is the catalyst for comedy that is dark yet sensual in The Raven. Her role in headline story, which is set in the historic English university town of Oxford, has the power to bring tears, laughter and arousal in equal measure. Men will nod knowingly at this tale; women may find it an eye-opener.

"The Raven was definitely a 5 star. In typical Grey fashion, you are sucked into the emotional mindset of a man falling hard for a young lady. The prose is masterful." ~ Amazon Customer

"The Raven is such an emotive and poignant story. I adore the male character and love seeing his sensitive side. A great deal of people would know exactly what he felt." ~ Jessie D

The colourful, lust-laced journey around the world continues in the rest of the collection. You'll travel to the nude saunas of Germany, where Claudia and Jake are brough together by fate in Part 2 of Hot Wet Touches (the full story is available as a stand-alone). In Playdate, you'll visit Western Australia and take a journey with the author to meet a pair of liberated ladies he found a popular Aussie hookup site. Then it's back to England, where the short story April tells the tale of a haircut with a happy ending...

"What can I say? Totally hot, and loved the male perspective. Truly amazing, just like your previous books." ~ Amazon Customer

978-1508592914 | May 20, 2014

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