James Grey

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Hot Wet Touches Amsterdam Ebook

Hot Wet Touches Amsterdam

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Fate works in mysterious ways. She could have gone to the spa on a different day. He could have relaxed in a different Jacuzzi. Their eyes might not have met when she stepped, naked and tentative, into the warm water.

But their eyes did meet. That winter evening in Amsterdam, fate did throw them together. They traded numbers. Things were all set to happen.

But now fate is trying to rip them apart. He thinks she's avoiding him. She thinks he must have met someone else. Will they find a way to pick up the thread and fulfil their white-hot destiny?

Hot Wet Touches Amsterdam is a stand-alone erotic novella for adults. It does not directly follow this author's Hot Wet Touches series, though these make good background reading.

$1.99 USD | September 24, 2020