James Grey

The World's Favourite Male Erotic Author
Hot Wet Touches Ebook

Hot Wet Touches

Published by Firefly
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Claudia is a supremely beautiful young woman, but the shy student just doesn't seem to know it. She's been single for months and she's had little excitement. Now the university year is over in Germany, she's just looking forward to catching up with her two best girlfriends at the local spa. They're naked, and the crowd is mixed. It's the North European way.

It's a relaxed, languid winter's day, until Claudia's friends leave her alone in a sauna with a male stranger from across the Atlantic Ocean. There, in the heat and glow, the sexual tension begins to build. While the viewpoint alternates between those of Claudia and Jake, their paths slowly converge, and things begin to happen...

"Mr Grey wields the written word with masterful skill, painting hot pictures with clever turns of phrase." ~ Julie Jaret

Previously available as a two-part series, the two mini-books have now been brought together into this more substantial publication, along with an entirely new cover. In addition to these January 2020 updates the author has also revisited the text with some subtle improvements to the writing. But the overall story remains true to what was his first work in the erotica genre.

"Gee whizz this had my imagination running an absolute riot!" ~ Nicola Rhead

"This is a delightfully arousing and well written story" ~ Patricia Eddy

"Mr Grey's imagination and words allowed my imagination to go into overdrive. He didn't LEAD me there, he allowed me to go there all by myself. Wow! Turned on by Mr. Grey's story is an understatement." ~ Nancy O

$1.99 USD | September 23, 2020