James Grey

The World's Favourite Male Erotic Author
Her Desire Awakened: A Choose-Your-Own Sex Adventure

Her Desires Awakened Ebook

Published by Firefly
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You’ve just moved back into the city. You’re done unpacking in your stunning new apartment. It’s Friday night. You’re not sure what to do, but you’re deliriously happy. The radio’s turned up and you’re making Prosecco disappear like magic. Oh, and you’re finally single again.

Now that you're free as a bird and living alone, you're in the mood for letting go. Perhaps for doing something a little wild. Something you’ve never done before. Something you wouldn’t tell your mother. You feel empowered and sexy. You can do what you want.

No, really, you can! Because in this novel, a unique offering in the James Grey collection, you’ll make the decisions about which path your evening takes. Choosing may be agony, but ecstasy awaits at every turn. Delicious, unspeakable, salacious ecstasy.

Your night is in your own hands. Are you that woman who'll take the naughtiest option every time? ;)

$3.99 USD | September 25, 2020