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Escort Unleashed Paperbacks

Escort Unleashed Paperback

The Emma Series Book 2
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Emma Carling may have graduated from escort school with distinction – but her journey has only just begun. Now she must prove her seductive skills in the real world: the five-star hotels and lavish mansions of London. She must make the city’s most connected, powerful and wealthy men sit up and take notice of her. She must become a pedigree sex machine.

But will she really earn the life-changing money they spoke of during training? Will she die of shame or learn to love opening her legs for a living? Is she dominant, submissive or both? And what if her friends, or worse yet, her parents, find out about the crazy twist her career has taken?

As the heat in her new work rises, Emma crosses paths with a mystery man who pays to abuse her – both mentally and physically. She is never allowed to see him, but she hears his hot, threatening whispers loud and clear in her ear. She fears he is someone who knows her well, yet their encounters fill her with more passion than she cares to admit. And then there’s Charles, who paid for her schooling and worships every inch of her body as though she’s a work of art. He prefers prostitutes to marriage, but she stands on the brink of falling for him.

Will lust trump fear? Will romance conquer leather belts and metal chains? Can her faithful school friends and experienced agent help her? Find out the answers by joining Emma on her wickedly liberating ride through an exclusive world. A dark, sexy world of which nobody ever speaks…

978-1533196767 | September 30, 2020

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