James Grey

The World's Favourite Male Erotic Author
Breaking Free: Erotic short stories by James Grey

Breaking Free Ebook

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Hot, passionate characters reflect the true-life experiences and darkest desires of mystery male author James Grey in this, his first anthology. From wicked, stolen indulgences in a German sauna to a pair of medieval queens making the most of their absolute power over men, the stars of this collection throw off society's shackles in steamy and compelling style.

Follow a nervous, uncertain young fan as she goes backstage to meet her celebrity heroes, and leaves with the sexiest memories of her life. Join a woman in her mid-thirties as she shares her man with another girl, and wonders why she waited so long to try bisexual life. Male and female alike, this collection's personalities lay bare their fulfilled fantasies with the unmistakable aplomb of story-tellers who have truly lived the tales they tell.

"Hot, steamy and a lot of fun. Raw erotica at its very very best!" ~ Leigh Stone

"Well-written, enjoyable and very steamy. A HOT little read!" ~ KBee

$0.99 USD | September 22, 2020

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